Dish Network’s HDTV Channels Complement High Technology

There are a lot of things to get excited about when it comes to home entertainment technology, but high definition television, or HDTV as it’s more often referred to, is perhaps the most exciting. That’s because few if any other technologies so expertly use such a variety of incredibly sophisticated technologies to provide such a high level of entertainment to their users. The variety of technologies used to deliver high definition television is also extremely impressive. For example, high definition television screens use LCD, Plasma screen, or Digital Light Processing technologies. There’s even a technology called Laser TV on the horizon which actually uses lasers as a source of light! All of these technologies are a far cry from the old fashioned cathode ray tube technology that most standard definition televisions were limited to until relatively recently.

Satellite technology is also a good alternative when it comes to delivering high definition television programming. That’s because, unlike the cables used by cable TV providers, the electromagnetic waves that carry satellite TV transmissions have an incredibly high bandwidth that can carry a massive amount of information. This ability to transmit a massive amount of information makes satellite TV perfect for the data intensive high definition television format, and as more and more people demand more and more high definition television channels, cable will become less and less adequate to meet their demands.

Right now Dish Network appears to the best satellite TV provider when it comes to providing high definition television. That’s because Dish Network has more channels than any other TV provider whether it’s satellite or cable. In fact, even the minimum number of channels available from a high definition television programming package from Dish Network is larger than the total number of national high definition television channels offered by any other provider. The total number of national high definition television channels offered by the largest high definition television programming package from Dish Network is a full thirty channels. Of course there are even more high definition channels available in many areas in the form of local high definition television channels.

The high definition television channels offered even in Dish Network’s most basic programming package are pretty impressive in and of themselves. While movies are an obvious choice for high definition television programming with their wide screen format and high resolution pictures, the high def channels provided by Dish Network cover a lot more subjects than just movies. Dish Network also has a wide variety of high def channels devoted to special interests. For example, Game Play HD provides all of the latest news on video gaming. Home and Garden Television also has a high definition version of its channel that’s provided by Dish Network. Ultra HD provides an up close and personal look into the world of fashion and style. Gallery HD gives you insight into the world of visual arts and the artists who produce it. Treasure HD covers the world of antiques and antique auctions. Rave HD brings you your favorite concert experiences in all of the same kind of sensation as being there in the crowd (only without the sweaty bodies all around you!).

HDTV is a great technology, and Dish Network is an excellent choice when it comes to a source of the programming that will make the most out of it.

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High Technology and Attention to Customer Needs Are Keys to Comcast’s Success

Every once in a while you run into a business success story that is truly impressive. That’s exactly the kind of narrative that describes the history of Comcast. In short, Comcast took cable TV technology, which pretty much became outdated overnight with the introduction of satellite TV, and MANAGED to turn it around to be one of the best TV services on the planet.

There are a number of things that this company did in order to accomplish this, but they really center on having an appreciation for what TV viewers want and embracing the best possible technology in order to give it to them. The appreciation of what TV viewers want can pretty much be summarized not so much as lots of channels, but more accurately as lots of options.

Once it was acknowledged that TV viewers really wanted more options, it was just a matter of finding and implementing the technologies that could supply them with those options. The first step was to convert all of its programming on all of its channels to a one hundred percent digital signal. Digital TV has a number of advantages over the older analog signal that had been used to transmit TV programming for decades. Basically, with digital TV, all of the images and sounds that make up a TV program are converted into a digital format, compressed, and then streamed over the cable to digital receivers in individual homes that then decompress all of that data and then convert it back into the pictures and sounds that comprise the TV programming. This process produces a number of advantages. The most obvious advantage is that the digital video signal is so easy to cleanse of any interference that it can produce the highest quality picture possible. Of course pictures can be corrupted, but when digital TV is delivered over a cable there’s never enough interference present to compromise the signal past the point where the receiver can clean it up. Therefore any fuzziness of picture or sound that you get over a digital cable TV transmission must have been part of the original recording.

Since digital TV is pretty much a computer technology, it also paves the way for lots of other possibilities – all of which increase the number of viewing options. For example, digital TV technology provides an on screen program guide so that viewers can decide what to watch without the frustration and inconvenience of channel surfing. An on screen program guide also ties directly into digital video recording technology. With a digital video recorder built into some digital receivers, you’ll be able to record TV shows and then watch them later – in other words, you’ll never have to miss a TV program just because you have commitments that keep you from watching it when it comes on. DVR’s are easy to program with the help of the on screen program guide, which makes the process much more intuitive than programming a VCR, and for that reason alone a DVR is much easier to use.

Of course digital TV also forms the foundation needed to execute technologies like HDTV and video on demand. The main focus is to increase viewers’ options by increasing the number of channels that it offers. All of this has contributed to Comcast’s ability to take a flailing industry and turn it into a first rate service.

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Lots of Connectivity – Entertainment – and High Technology in New Laptop

Total multimedia mobility has just come of age with the release of a new lap top computer from Toshiba that has just about every kind of entertainment technology you could think of built into it. This ten point six pound behemoth with a seventeen inch wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and high definition television resolution has access to a variety of forms of entertainment and can channel them into other devices through its HDMI cable connection.

What really sets the Qosmio G30 apart from other modern laptop computers is the fact that it comes with a built in HD-DVD burner. That means that not only can you watch HD-DVD discs on this computer- and on any HDTV set that the thing is plugged into- but you can also burn your own. This can be a real boon for any home movie enthusiast that wants to have the family vacation immortalized in the incredible clarity of HDTV. An HD-DVD burner is also great for data archiving with the ability of HD-DVD’s to store up to fifteen gigabytes on each side of the disc for a total information storage capacity of up to thirty gigabytes! That’s a lot of video, music, and digital photographs.

Of course, like anything else with an HD-DVD drive, there’s the serious question of whether or not the Qosmio G30 will be obsolete soon in the even that it turns out to be the loser in the format war between the HD-DVD format and Sony’s Blu-ray disc format. Both formats are designed for playing High Definition movies off of optical discs the same size as a CD or standard DVD, but neither format will play in the players of the other format. It’s generally agreed that only one format can survive the war. While HD-DVD has so far benefited from superior marketing and business decisions, the Blu-ray format is a serious threat with its ability to store twenty more gigabytes of data per disc than HD-DVD.

All of that having been said, the Qosmio G30 is an impressive computer in its own right. It has dual processors running at two gigahertz each, two hard drives that with a capacity of one hundred and sixty gigabytes each, one gigabyte of RAM, and a graphics card with two hundred and fifty six gigabytes of RAM. The Qosmio G30 also has an incredible degree of connectivity both with other computer devices as well as multimedia devices. For example, it has PCMCIA slots, a multi-card reader, and connectivity for ExpressCard/54. It’s also so thoroughly connected that it has both USB 2.0 as well as Firewire ports. It can tie into a network using Ethernet, several versions of wireless technology, and even an old fashioned modem.

One thing that’s really impressive about the Qosmio G30 and indicates that it’s geared for entertainment, is the fact that it has analog and digital TV tuners. That really rounds out the capabilities of this particular laptop: it can do all of the things that any other laptop can do, but also be used to burn high definition video onto a disc and even watch terrestrial TV.

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Israel – A Research Lab For US High Technology Companies

Despite constant assaults upon their civilian population, Israel’s technical creativity amazes the world: Israel today initiates more new companies, patents, books, technical papers – spark-plugs for civilizational advancement, than the entire continent of Europe: Germany, Sweden. France, Italy, Spain, etc. As a creative country, Israel is second only to the US. The reasons for such achievement, despite Israel’s constant defensive priorities, are explained by Israelis themselves: firstly, their small country has no exploitable natural oil or mineral resources, thus with two-thirds of its area semi-arid, an inhospitable desert, Israelis have to rely solely on wits, ingenuity and hard work; secondly, the military training for all young adults, forced by the exigency of survival, surrounded by hostile neighbors – induces early maturation and leadership experience. Tapping into this pool of human resource, world-savvy investors like Warren Buffett (among the world’s richest men through financial risk-reward achievement), have established research centers in Israel for their world-wide industrial enterprises.

Notable industrial-technological events of the past quarter are:

The Houston-based Noble Energy company will invest $530 Million, during 2010 in off-shore natural gas exploration, enhancing the current off-shore drilling in Israel.
Exports of Intel-Israel surged 145% in 2009, reaching a record $3.4 Billion. This record was aided by the completion of Intel’s sixth plant in Israel, with current negotiation for a further sizable plant expansion. Intel has invested over $6 billion, with Israel investment of about 20%. Employment exceeds 6300.
Siemens company is investing $50 Million in the expansion of its Israel plant, recently acquired for $418 Million.
Oracle company has acquired its third Israeli company, Convergin, for $85 Million. China’s Yifang Digital company has acquired Israel’s Pegasus for $60 Million.
The California-based DCG Systems company is establishing a Research and Development center in Israel.
Moneys raised on the US NASDAQ Exchange NASDAQ by Israel’s Willy Food International, Rosetta Genomics and Nova respectively, were $20 Million, $16 Million and $5 Million. Roth Capital as sale agent for Israel’s Orckit company raised $10 Million.
Goldman-Sachs brokerage firm led a $37 Million round of private placement by Israel’s Mobileye company; in 2007, Goldman invested $65 Million in Mobileye.
$20 Million was raised by the Boston-based MVM Life Science Partners, the St. Louis based Ascension Health Ventures and Germany’s Bosch for Israel’s Cheetah Medical company.
The NYC-based NGN and OXO Capital Valve Ventures led an $18 Million round by Israel’s Valtech.
$10 Million was invested by the $15 Billion Juniper Networks, the Palo-Alto-based DAG Ventures, the Silicon Valley-based Accel Ventures, and the Menlo Park-based Foundation Capital in the US-Israel company, Altor.
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